Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Drink This, Eat That

If you're a beginning wine drinker, I'm sure you've wondered "Which wine goes best with what food?" Well there's no real answer. That decision is simply based on an individual's preferred taste. Think about it, something that may taste great to you, may not taste so great to the next person and vice versa. That goes for wine as well. However, if you really want to pair food and wine during a meal simply drink from white wine to dark. But there are some foods that are commonly known to be present while drinking wine or attending wine tastings, cheese and desserts

Cheese tends to be the main snack at wine tastings. Why is that? Well because there are so many varieties of cheese that there is one that goes well with a particular wine. In most cases hard cheese goes well with dark wine and softer cheese with white wine. However, the preference still depends an individual's personal taste.

Then we have chocolate. Who doesn't love chocolate? And what better beverage to pair it with than wine. Wines to pair chocolate with are moscato, white reisleing,champagne and port. Of course there are many others to choose from as well.

So the next time you're wondering what's the best wine to pair with a delicious meal, don't fret most likely if it's a wine you enjoy drinking alone, it will taste just as delicious while eating your favorite dish. Part of the fun is experimenting with different combinations, to see which ones you like the best. Then, share those with others to see which tastes they also appreciate, and which are uniquely yours.

To find out more about which foods to pair with wine check out the Food and Wine Matcher to the right of the blog. It gives great selections of wine to pair with your favorite foods.

Happy Wine Drinking!

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