Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wine of the Week from The Wine Whisperer

Sua Sparkling Strawberry

What do you get when you blend sparkling wine with "REAL" strawberry pulp? I call it Berry Paradise, but you can call it Sua. Pronounced "Swah", this burst of natural fruit pulp is an original and quite extraordinary. Sua is reminiscent of the popular strawberry fruit cake dessert, which is a favorite amongst birthday parties or a rich strawberry cheesecake found at your neighborhood bakery. But don’t let the youthful, innocent strawberry thoughts fool you. Sua packs a punch at 11.5% alcohol and will leave you salivating for more. Sua sparkling strawberry has a perfect balance being not overly sweet, somewhat full-bodied and yet far from dry wine.

Sip slowly and enjoy pure bliss!

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