Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Cork Is Stuck!

So you're hanging with your friends and one of them pulls out a bootle of Moscato D' Asti. You all have grabbed your glasses and are so ready to get that first sip and what happens? THE CORK IS STUCK!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!! Well this actually happened to me last week. I screwed the corkscrew through the cork and pulled until my arm began to hurt! The cork would not budge! So what did we do? Nothing! We were afraid to keep trying to use the corkscrew because the cork was crumbling. A brand new bottle of wine wasted right? Not really.

Here's a method to the MADNESS of a stuck cork:

Push the cork into the bottle. If pieces of the cork get into the wine, use a mesh strainer to catch pieces of the cork as you pour the wine. You can opt to pour the wine into a decanter. This method is probably your best option.

If you ever run across this dilemma, (and trust me for wine lovers this is a dilemma)this method will be sure to work.

And if you want to save the wine bottle, check out this video of how to remove a cork from a wine bottle.

Happy Wine Drinking!

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