Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet Sauternes

Lately (via Twitter) I've seen a lot of talk about Sauternes pronounced {soh-tern}. Now I've never taste this wine before nor had I even heard of it. Since it seems to be so popular I had to look it up and find out what all the rave is about. Here's what I found out...

Sauternes an elegant sweet wine from the Sauternes region of western France. It's made from SAUVIGNON BLANC or SEMILLON grapes that have been infected by a beneficial mold called BOTRYTIS CINEREA, which causes the grapes to shrivel, leaving a sugary fruit with concentrated flavors. The best Sauternes come from vines that have been hand-picked (as many as 12 separate times) to ensure that the grapes are not removed from the vines before reaching the perfect degree of ripeness required for these wines. Sauternes are most notable as DESSERT WINES but, because of their high acidity, they also make excellent partners for rich dishes like PÂTÉ, CAVIAR and FOIE GRAS. "Sauterne" without the ending "s" usually refers to an inexpensive semisweet California wine.

Flavors in Sauternes range from apricot, peach, pineapple, and vanilla.The wines are smooth and creamy (Mmmmm...that sounds so good! I love the color of the wine as well)

Desserts pair well with Sauternes but because of it's complexity it goes well with a variety of food.Here are some ideas for pairings with Sauternes

So it is safe to say that will be on the hunt for this wine this week. I will definitely tell you all if it's all the rave, which I'm sure that it is. (smile)

To find out more on Sauternes go to: http://www.epicurious.com/tools/fooddictionary/entry/?id=4430


  1. Informative. Meshes well with your mission.

  2. Nice article - well done on taking up the Sauternes cause!