Thursday, May 5, 2011

May is National Wine Month!

I can't explain how excited I am about National Wine Month! I have thought of several ways to celebrate this wonderful month. One way I plan to celebrate is to visit one of the 14 wineries here in our great state of Alabama. I also plan to attend wine tastings at some of the other wine shops in our area. I've becomed a fan of PepperTree Steaks N' Wines but I will be attending a tasting this Friday at Ted the Wine Guy. (Oh yeah its free you'd like to attend as well)So here's some info on National Wine Month. Now mind you this is celebrated in the UK but who says we can't celebrate it in the USA?

National Wine Month takes place in May 2011 - the start of the summer period - when wine consumers are likely to be trying new wines

MAKE TIME FOR WINE is the umbrella campaign designed to:

• Increase awareness of the wide variety of wines available
• Give reasons for people to experiment and try different wines
• Encourage people to discover more about wine
• Engage different groups of consumers

To find out more about National Wine Month go to

So how do you plan to celebrate National Wine Month?

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