Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#WineCrushWednesday: Tanisha Townsend of Girl Meets Glass

I've met so many great people along this wine journey that I've been on for the last 4 years. These people, most whom I've never met personally, are the ones who motivate, encourage and inspire daily through their own wine experiences day in and day out via social media.  So because I'm continuously inspired by them, I've decided to feature them once a week as my wine crushes every Wednesday!

So without further or due, meet my first feature the lovely Tanisha Townsend. I met Tanisha through Twitter when I first started my account and one of us began following the other. Since then, we've continued to keep in touch through Facebook and email. She has always been one of my biggest supporters, especially after I took my first WSET I class. She had so much faith that I passed. (Of course I passed *shrugs* LOL)  I live vicariously through her, especially after she moved to Paris! Paris people! Okay, let me stop rambling because I could go on and on. I'll let you find out more about Ms. Townsend for yourself.

Tanisha Townsend of Girl Meets Glass

HITGV: How and when did you become interested in wine?
TT: I became interested in wine about 8 or so years ago while living in DC. There are tons of wineries in MD and VA and I started attending wine festivals. I was speaking with one of the winemakers and became completely fascinated with the flavors, the varietals and the process. The rest is history!

HITGV: You are living in Paris, France! How exciting it must be to live in a place known worldwide for it's wines. Tell what it's like living in Paris.

TT: Yep, living in Paris! What is it like? Up and down, happy and sad, all of the emotions! But, overall I will say this was the best move for me. I'm meeting so many people that are involved in so many different aspects of wine. I'm learning so much about wine and am able to taste so many different grapes that I don't have access to in the States. And wine is such a part of life with lunch is no big deal!
But as for everyday life, living in Paris isn't much different than living anywhere else. Except that I don't understand what people are saying because I don't speak French yet.. HAHA!

HITGV: What is the one thing you want people who are just getting into drinking wine to learn or take from drinking wine?

TT: I want people to loosen up about it! People take wine so seriously sometimes. Wine is to be drunk for good times, it's to be shared with friends, it's to warm you up on a cold night. 

HITGV: What's your favorite wine?

TT: This is the toughest question ever! LOL Ok, so my favorite wine changes regularly. But today, my favorite would have to be wines from the Southern Rhone. They're blends made from the Grenache, Mourvedre, Carignan and Cinsault grapes. Think aromas and flavors of red berry fruit and spice. 
Now you see why I live vicariously through this lady? I thank Tanisha so much for agreeing to me my first #WineCrushWednesday feature. Hopefully in the near future, sometime in 2016 you'll see a post with she and I together.
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Until next Wednesday! Live, Laugh, Love and Drink Wine!
~ Chelsa B.